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Licensed by the ATF
Certified Instructors

Partners Working Dogs, Inc. and Partners Dog Training offer a wide variety of services. Clients can purchase a full trained family protection dog, working canine or military detection canine
We can evaluate your needs, home environment and situation; and propose a plan that you can afford.
Handlers can attend training courses to learn how to work with their new dogs, either in a group or private setting.
We offer more than 25 classes every week for people just like you.
  • Basic Obedience Group Class
  • Advanced Obedience Group
  • Basic Dog Agility Classes
  • Intermediate Dog Agility
  • Personal Protection Basics
  • Personal Protection Interm
  • Basic Detection Training
  • Advanced Detection Training
  • Basic Protection Training Group Class
  • Advanced Protection Group Class
  • Protection Evaluations.
  • Canine Good Citizen Test

Our speciality is highly personalized instruction. We believe in education, and training handlers to appropriately and confidently handle their working dogs.
Whether you are a family with a Personal Protection Dog; or a military handler deployed with your MWD, knowing how to care for, handle and utilize your dog is of the utmost concern.
See our working dogs in action with real people and real situations
Your dog is only as good as your ability to work with your Partner!
Attend our training classes and see how good you can really be.

Service is more than an expression!
It is a way of life!

Client relaxing with her protection dogFAMILY MEMBERS
A family may consist of just you and your dog; or it may also include a spouse, children or extended family members.
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Military and law enforcement handlers work in high-risk settings, where the successful application of your canine can mean the difference between life and death!

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