Licensed by the DEA
Licensed by the ATF
Certified Instructors

Indoor Climate controlled Kennel
Working dogs need a comfortable, well ventilated and quiet place to rest.
Our kennels are heated, air-conditioned and sound proofed so that dogs can rest when needed.
The 7,000 square foot indoor training center is state-of-the-art, and allows training to continue year round.

The Quality of your Results are directly related to the Practice you put in.
Our facilities are the best in the State. We have 10 acres of training fields, agility courses, obstacle courses, indoor training areas, rooms, buildings and vehicles.
We have grass training areas, desert training areas and open fields, so that we can replicate the conditions our working dogs are required to operate in.
We believe in practice, conditioning and results! Our facilities speak for themselves!.

Custom Training Aids
Our dogs are good, because we have the best training equipment, facilities and instructors. Our own dedicated workshops are constantly designing and building new gear for us to train with. Boxes, frames, obstacles, walls, etc. are just some of the new advances we introduce on a regular basis to keep our training fresh.

Obstacle courses
Partners Working Dogs boasts three physical fitness areas, all built to military specifications. More than thirty obstacles allow us to train our dogs to achieve the best possible results with a minimum of injuries.
Courses include hurdles, long jumps, A-frames, Hoops, Walls, Windows, Ladders, Bridges, Tunnels, Jumps, Teeters, Tyre jumps, Walks, Balance Beams.
We know of no other facility that boasts the variety of obstacles we offer our students and dogs.

Customized training buildings
To allow us to train our dogs in real world conditions, we have custom constructed rooms, workshops, barns, buildings, offices and other training areas.
Dogs are able to practice and train as if they were working in peoples homes, or deployed overseas.